The Break-Up: Emotional Eating


My relationship ended, I feel like I lost my best friend, I’m all alone again. In deep pain.  I’m an extreme emotional eater, so I’ve been eating to no end. I constantly want to eat something bad, to stuff down my pain. The night of “the talk” I got dressed and headed to the grocery store circling the junk food aisles like a hawk. I roamed the pastry aisle, hmm fruit filled cones looks nice. Then I walked through the packaged sweets aisle, how about a honey bun? I walked out the store empty handed because I decided I wanted something savory, *ding*, a Jamaican pattie sounds good right about now. So I crossed the street to the local Jamaican store and bought a Jamaican pattie and a fried chicken wing. I even stopped by the pizza store next door for some ranch dressing to drizzle on my chicken. I headed home with my treats, not in any hunger fueled rush. Continue reading “The Break-Up: Emotional Eating”

Being Disciplined in your Fitness Journey


I don’t know where this quote originates from, I saw it on Instagram and really liked it! It resonated with me, the message hit a raw nerve. I’m currently in the midst of practicing discipline and letting go of old ways to focus on health. Would you like to join me, are you ready to drop the excuses and change for the better? How many times have you skipped meal prepping, only to find yourself eating junk instead. Ever claimed you were too tired to workout, but when you get home all you do is watch TV way past your bedtime? We’ve all been there, not prioritizing what’s best for us, compromising our health for expediency and comfort. It’s hard work to stick to your fitness goals when motivation is no longer there. I have been there, and done that! I’m on the other end of that mountain, and I want to share some tips that help me be disciplined towards healthy living: Continue reading “Being Disciplined in your Fitness Journey”

Update: Life, Weight-loss, My Thoughts and Dreams

My best friends Prianka and Nia, at Prianka’s baby shower on 3/24/19. I rejoiced, ate freely and enjoyed the festivities! Love you beauties!xo


Hi guys! I haven’t posted in a while, my life got busy, and I was caught in the frenzy of trying to find stability in chaos. My work and my personal life were giving me a run for my money hunty, all I could do is keep my head up and look north. Continue reading “Update: Life, Weight-loss, My Thoughts and Dreams”

Here we go again, my bodybuilding competition!!


Here we go again….. I am officially doing another bodybuilding competition! Wow!! It was a tough decision to make, I had a lot of reasons to postpone my comeback!  It’s been 7 months since I stepped on stage and I’ve been comfortable eating all the sweets. My off-season season didn’t go as planned (oops)! Did I make any improvements on my physique?Am I ready to be exhausted and hungry again for an extended period of time? Do I have the motivation to go through with it?   The most compelling reason to not start prep is my new relationship with my love, Continue reading “Here we go again, my bodybuilding competition!!”

Momentum: Breaking free of your BAD habits

momentumJust Start!!“…easier said then done, trust me I know!! Potato chips, brownies, pizza, fries are begging to get in your belly. The couch has imprints of your body laying comfortably on it, nestled in a warm cocoon. There’s some vapid, thoughtless program on TV that numbs the brain of all the stress and anxiety of the day. So there you lay, binging, numb, warm and Overweight!  How did it get to this? It’s apparent that the weight of  life took a hold of you and stuck. You’re in a fight to release the dead weight, although most days it’s a comfortable companion. Other days, it’s dragging you down, and you want to break free!

One day I’ll lose the weight! I’m going to start going to the gym! I promise myself that I will eat healthier! This is the year!

Continue reading “Momentum: Breaking free of your BAD habits”

You’re the Baddest MutherF*cka Around

David Goggins

Today’s leg day was epic… I was in the zone, really pushing the weight to feel uncomfortable. I wanted to feel the burn, and when I did, I would think to myself, “You’re a bad MFer, let’s go!!!” For the last few weeks, I’ve been using my mind to drive me in the gym. And it’s all because of this guy….David Goggins, or “Goggins” as he calls himself (he refers to himself in 3rd person). Have you heard of him?? I recently learned about him through Joe Rogan’s podcast and I’ve been consuming his content like a starved scavenger looking for food. His story is wild… Continue reading “You’re the Baddest MutherF*cka Around”