The Break-Up: Emotional Eating


My relationship ended, I feel like I lost my best friend, I’m all alone again. In deep pain.  I’m an extreme emotional eater, so I’ve been eating to no end. I constantly want to eat something bad, to stuff down my pain. The night of “the talk” I got dressed and headed to the grocery store circling the junk food aisles like a hawk. I roamed the pastry aisle, hmm fruit filled cones looks nice. Then I walked through the packaged sweets aisle, how about a honey bun? I walked out the store empty handed because I decided I wanted something savory, *ding*, a Jamaican pattie sounds good right about now. So I crossed the street to the local Jamaican store and bought a Jamaican pattie and a fried chicken wing. I even stopped by the pizza store next door for some ranch dressing to drizzle on my chicken. I headed home with my treats, not in any hunger fueled rush. Continue reading “The Break-Up: Emotional Eating”

Update: Life, Weight-loss, My Thoughts and Dreams

My best friends Prianka and Nia, at Prianka’s baby shower on 3/24/19. I rejoiced, ate freely and enjoyed the festivities! Love you beauties!xo


Hi guys! I haven’t posted in a while, my life got busy, and I was caught in the frenzy of trying to find stability in chaos. My work and my personal life were giving me a run for my money hunty, all I could do is keep my head up and look north. Continue reading “Update: Life, Weight-loss, My Thoughts and Dreams”

2018 in Review- You Go Girl!!


2018 New Years Resolution, compete in a bodybuilding competition! (OMG girl, what is wrong with you?? Why??) It was a challenge so big, it frightened me, and that excited me. I was yearning for something physically demanding to catapult my fitness journey. I  coached myself, researched everything online, and worked on a plan. So it began… the 6 day a week workouts, meticulous attention to every gram of food I ingested, a fierce determination to step on stage in a bikini and clear heels. *Gasp, what would people think?* Continue reading “2018 in Review- You Go Girl!!”