Update: Life, Weight-loss, My Thoughts and Dreams

My best friends Prianka and Nia, at Prianka’s baby shower on 3/24/19. I rejoiced, ate freely and enjoyed the festivities! Love you beauties!xo


Hi guys! I haven’t posted in a while, my life got busy, and I was caught in the frenzy of trying to find stability in chaos. My work and my personal life were giving me a run for my money hunty, all I could do is keep my head up and look north. Continue reading “Update: Life, Weight-loss, My Thoughts and Dreams”

Here we go again, my bodybuilding competition!!


Here we go again….. I am officially doing another bodybuilding competition! Wow!! It was a tough decision to make, I had a lot of reasons to postpone my comeback!  It’s been 7 months since I stepped on stage and I’ve been comfortable eating all the sweets. My off-season season didn’t go as planned (oops)! Did I make any improvements on my physique?Am I ready to be exhausted and hungry again for an extended period of time? Do I have the motivation to go through with it?   The most compelling reason to not start prep is my new relationship with my love, Continue reading “Here we go again, my bodybuilding competition!!”

New Year Goals

A couple days before the new year,  on 12/28/18, I recorded my thoughts on the battle to practice mindful eating when constantly confronted with unhealthier options. I open up about my fitness journey from competing in a body building competition to facing new challenges with my eating habits.

My goal for 2019 is to build an understanding of nutrition so that I can form parallels in my mind between food and health. Equipped with the knowledge,  I can strengthen my resolve to resist the junk! Hallelujah!  I will meditate on the promise of healing and well-being through a healthy diet. Plus, my body will be in bangin’ shape, I’ll take that!  **twirls and curtsy**