2018 in Review- You Go Girl!!


2018 New Years Resolution, compete in a bodybuilding competition! (OMG girl, what is wrong with you?? Why??) It was a challenge so big, it frightened me, and that excited me. I was yearning for something physically demanding to catapult my fitness journey. I  coached myself, researched everything online, and worked on a plan. So it began… the 6 day a week workouts, meticulous attention to every gram of food I ingested, a fierce determination to step on stage in a bikini and clear heels. *Gasp, what would people think?* Continue reading “2018 in Review- You Go Girl!!”

New Year Goals

A couple days before the new year,  on 12/28/18, I recorded my thoughts on the battle to practice mindful eating when constantly confronted with unhealthier options. I open up about my fitness journey from competing in a body building competition to facing new challenges with my eating habits.

My goal for 2019 is to build an understanding of nutrition so that I can form parallels in my mind between food and health. Equipped with the knowledge,  I can strengthen my resolve to resist the junk! Hallelujah!  I will meditate on the promise of healing and well-being through a healthy diet. Plus, my body will be in bangin’ shape, I’ll take that!  **twirls and curtsy**


Meditate on Health

Meditation Definition

It is a constant struggle to be healthy in an environment where over-consumption is the norm.  We serve too much food, we eat too much food, we work too many hours.  Boom!  Gluttony in all forms!

We are influenced to neglect our health and fill emotional voids with food. We are told to work hard until we make it, exert all efforts to climb the mythical ladder,  leaving no energy to exercise the actual body.  The outward pressure to self-destruct is strong and shows no mercy. But those of us who have lifted the veil, can see the traps being set. We begin to fortify our mind to combat the temptations. We practice meditation to navigate through the darkness, in hopes of reaching the light of self-love. This is my journey! xo