Being Disciplined in your Fitness Journey


I don’t know where this quote originates from, I saw it on Instagram and really liked it! It resonated with me, the message hit a raw nerve. I’m currently in the midst of practicing discipline and letting go of old ways to focus on health. Would you like to join me, are you ready to drop the excuses and change for the better? How many times have you skipped meal prepping, only to find yourself eating junk instead. Ever claimed you were too tired to workout, but when you get home all you do is watch TV way past your bedtime? We’ve all been there, not prioritizing what’s best for us, compromising our health for expediency and comfort. It’s hard work to stick to your fitness goals when motivation is no longer there. I have been there, and done that! I’m on the other end of that mountain, and I want to share some tips that help me be disciplined towards healthy living:

  1. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Bring your gym clothes to work so you can go straight after work. Bring your food with you! I repeat: bring your food with you! Fam…weight loss/health maintenance is all about what you ingest. I know you heard of the saying, “You can’t outwork a bad diet”, sadly it’s true. Meal prepping is key!
  2. Set smaller goals that culminate to the bigger goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 lbs, try to tackle 5 lbs at a time. That way you won’t get discouraged by the process, instead you will get excited each time you reach your smaller goal.
  3. Take in positive messages, find your woosah! It’s important during this challenge to avoid negative self-talk and people that aren’t encouraging of your journey! Surround yourself with like-minded people, seek messages that motivate you!   Also, with social networking, and different media outlets, you can find a community and content that keep you inspired to go after your goal!
  4. Form new habits! Oooohh this is hard! Everything you do is a result of the habits you formed over a period of time. To make any drastic change you have to change the habit that is associated with the current status quo. For instance, if you are too tired to workout, look into your sleeping habits. Are you getting the recommended 8 hrs of sleep? Analyze the activities that make up your time, you will quickly realize that a lot of your time is wasted. Eliminate the things that don’t bring value, replace it with exercise and more sleep. Do the same analysis with your food choices, break habits of eating at fast food chains out of convenience.
  5. Meditate on Health! This is my mantra for a reason, it means prioritize your health above all else. Put it first, exalt it! The goal is much greater than fitting in size S jeans, impressing the boy, or being vain. It’s about your spirit, your soul can’t be at peace if your body is in duress.

I hope these tips help you! My journey is not over yet, I’m renewing my commitment to my health daily! Quoting my first post, “It’s a constant struggle to be healthy in an environment where over-consumption is the norm.” I believe I can make it a life style, I’m over the yo-yo dieting, binging and restricting, having to lose weight every couple of years. Aren’t you tired? Together we can do it!! We can keep each other accountable and motivated to prioritize our health!

To our Health,





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