Update: Life, Weight-loss, My Thoughts and Dreams

My best friends Prianka and Nia, at Prianka’s baby shower on 3/24/19. I rejoiced, ate freely and enjoyed the festivities! Love you beauties!xo


Hi guys! I haven’t posted in a while, my life got busy, and I was caught in the frenzy of trying to find stability in chaos. My work and my personal life were giving me a run for my money hunty, all I could do is keep my head up and look north.  I’m in a better place now, and I’ve made a commitment to be more active on this blog and my IG: jojobeanfit. I want to inspire people and build a community that is focused on health and well being! So here is my update: currently in the zone, feeling enthusiastic, God is working in me!

Weight update: I am currently 119 lbs, I’ve lost 10 lbs so far in my bodybuilding prep, it’s been about 17 weeks. This time around, I’m taking it  slow and steady.  I’ve taken the luxury of eating out with my boyfriend or eating a treat just because I want to. I’ve also made a point to reach out to close friends to spend time with them, enjoying their company and cherishing the fleeting moments. Life is too short to miss moments that you can’t recreate! This has made the experience much more enjoyable! My first go around at prep I isolated myself and did not allow any variance from my plan. So I’m not losing 1 lb a week like my prior prep, and I’m okay with that!

Also, I separated from my coach,  I’m doing it solo again. I’ve put a lot of thought into why I compete. It’s not for fame and glory, hell you don’t get any monetary reward, the metal prize is not even real gold. The reason I compete is for the challenge, setting a goal and going after it. I also like to do research on bodybuilding and find the best methods/ advice to attain your goal physique. With a coach you get a meal plan, and workout plan, you may not even agree or like it. It takes the fun out of figuring it out, learning your body, customizing your own plan. The independent method works for me because I like to spend my free time learning about nutrition and exercise science. If you are not a #fitnerd like me, please accept the help!

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what my mission is as it relates to fitness, who do I want to inspire, why and how? It’s naive to think that I can reach everyone, most won’t be receptive to my message, but there is an audience out there that needs to hear my message and will internalize it.  Once I lock in on my message and delivery methods I think I can be agent of change, for the greater good! I’m getting really excited about the plans I’m dreaming up, I just need to execute!

I hope you are continuing to strive to make healthy choices (most of the times)! I’m here for you, to encourage you! Don’t get discouraged, this is coming from a girl that has lost 20+/40+lbs at different times in her life. Trust me, I know the struggle! Do it for you, don’t get caught in the mindset that discourages you to make the change! You can do it! If you had a set back, that’s okay, get right back on track! I believe in you!

With Love,



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