Here we go again, my bodybuilding competition!!


Here we go again….. I am officially doing another bodybuilding competition! Wow!! It was a tough decision to make, I had a lot of reasons to postpone my comeback!  It’s been 7 months since I stepped on stage and I’ve been comfortable eating all the sweets. My off-season season didn’t go as planned (oops)! Did I make any improvements on my physique?Am I ready to be exhausted and hungry again for an extended period of time? Do I have the motivation to go through with it?   The most compelling reason to not start prep is my new relationship with my love,, I didn’t want to negatively affected it in anyway.  Prepping for a bodybuilding competition takes every ounce of effort; every waking moment is focused on food, water, working out, sleeping, repeat. You have no energy for anything else! It’s so time-consuming, it requires all of your focus and commitment. I didn’t want to destroy  this beautiful romance that was happening in my life.   I spoke to him about it… and he was happy for me and he encouraged me to do it!  So here I am two weeks into prep, and wow it has been hard, it’s been very hard. I have a coach for this competition. I found her online, I liked the package (BB talk, meaning physique) that her clients brought to the stage. She sent my workout plan and meal plan and I send her pictures of myself every Sunday.  Boom! Ready, Set, Go! The sheer volume of the workout plan is incredible, I’m now at the gym for 3-3 1/2 each workout!! Is this dedication, or am I just crazy?

My first competition, I used my prep as an escapism, my motivation was external. I was really depressed, and my sadness fueled me to remain in beast mode. This time around I’m much happier and no longer feel like I need to fill a void. So I have to find my drive from inside. I need to have a strong internal desire to be a great bodybuilder! *cough* Say what? Yes! I have to really want it… all of it, a desire to go all the way! There is a tiny spark that is growing inside of me to reach the top! To get inspired,  I’ve gone back to my routine of being really focused on consuming everything bodybuilding. My choices of Podcasts/Youtube videos/IG content, have been all about prep, that #gymlife! I am meditating on bodybuilding,  imagining myself putting in the hard work and building a great physique to show of on stage. This time around I’m inspired to see what I can sculpt,  if I put my mind body and soul through the trenches!  What can I gain if I am 110% committed to this goal? Strength of character, love of self,  discipline,  drive…. so many great things can come of this, it’s time to get to work!!!

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