You’re the Baddest MutherF*cka Around

David Goggins

Today’s leg day was epic… I was in the zone, really pushing the weight to feel uncomfortable. I wanted to feel the burn, and when I did, I would think to myself, “You’re a bad MFer, let’s go!!!” For the last few weeks, I’ve been using my mind to drive me in the gym. And it’s all because of this guy….David Goggins, or “Goggins” as he calls himself (he refers to himself in 3rd person). Have you heard of him?? I recently learned about him through Joe Rogan’s podcast and I’ve been consuming his content like a starved scavenger looking for food. His story is wild…abusive father, faced racism all through his teens, learning disability (couldn’t read or write in high school), absent mom, very low self esteem.  He speaks of a childhood where he sought to impress people to make friends.  He wanted to be liked; his personality and style changed constantly like a chameleon.

At 24 he was a pest exterminator, overweight and, depressed. One day he saw a Discover Channel show documenting the training of Navy Seals. At that moment he set his mind on becoming Seal, he wanted to be alongside the best of the best.  When he went to the recruitment office he was told he had to lose 106 lb in less than 3 months to qualify for Seal training (he weighed 297 lbs). *What in the actual hell, is that even possible?*  The first day he set a goal to run 4 miles but was only able to run a 1/4 mile. He went home, cried and ate his favorite junk.. doughnuts and milk shake. But his determination made him return to the start line. He used his scarred past to fuel his obsession to become a better version of himself. Through the struggle to lose weight, he found that he was creating “calluses on  his mind”.  He was hardening the mind to get through the adversity and become numb to the pain. Astonishingly, he was able to lose the weight and get into Seal training!* Wow!* His story continues with many incredible accomplishments, going through 3 Hell Weeks in 1 year, a 21 year military career, an ultrarunner (most distance 205 mi), he holds the record for most pull ups in 24hrs (4,025), the list goes on.

He maintains a rigorous daily exercise schedule that is on another level of impressive. If you ask him if he enjoys waking up early to run or if he likes doing pull ups,  “Hell No!” is the answer. His drive and mental fortitude forces him to hit the gravel and grip the barbell. I’ve been enjoying his life story so much that I’ve embraced his philosophy of becoming a master of the mind. The grind is not pretty, but you can find strength in the struggle. You won’t want to do it,  it’s not easy, but it builds character! He wasn’t a disciplined/ confident guy from inception, he transformed into this person! And he reminds us that he is just a regular guy, not a superhero! Everyone has the capacity to exceed their self-imposed limitations, we just have to tap into our potential!

Goggin gems I love:

  • Empower yourself from victim mode, rewire your mind to save yourself!
  • Self talk is huge, big yourself up!
  • Visualize success to make impossible goals….possible!
  • “Take souls”, excel in the face of your doubters!
  • Physical pain (exercise) is paramount, tangible results inspire action!
  • Face your fears, never get complacent!
  • You are more powerful than you realize!

So next time your feeling low, buckling under the weight of life, remind yourself , “You’re the Baddest MutherF*cka Around”, then go workout. 🙂



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